Our Story

We Keep the Bar High

The formation of Digerati Productions was spurred by the need for an Audio Visual Production company to provide a higher level of professionalism and ethical, individualized treatment of its clients.  We saw a lack of value, creativity, and drive for clients’ needs while working with other A/V production companies, or in-house A/V providers, and knew that would be the niche to set us apart.

Why Work With Us

When working with Digerati Productions, we become deeply invested in the success of our clients’ events and related business goals.  We work tirelessly to not just be a vendor, but a trusted partner.As a partner, we incorporate our clients’ goals and missions into our efforts.  As we collaborate to plan and prepare for events, we anticipate needs to exceed expectations.

Our partnerships are built on effective and responsive communication. We pride ourselves in listening to all the ideas clients have to contribute, and asking the right questions to make them a reality. Having a trusted partner in Digerati Productions lets you rest easy knowing your vision has become second nature in our execution on the day of your event.


We hire experienced, professional, personable techs that are empowered to go above and beyond to make your event a success. It is not just about knowing how to run the technology; we instill a drive to provide a sense of ease for our clients, so they can feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process, from initial planning to execution. Our team's can-do attitude quickly integrates to become a direct extension of your event staff.

Detail Driven

We worry about the small stuff, so you don't have to. Digerati is focused not only on making a beautiful event but making sure it is run as smoothly as possible. This comes down to the details- which is what we are best at.

Collaborate and Coordinate

Digerati is experienced in audio visual production both nationally and internationally.Logistic planning and preparation is one of our strong suits, as well. If you host events in various cities and venues, you will truly appreciate Digerati joining your event team, providing reliability in every city and venue.​

Our Client's Satisfaction is the Core of our Business

"I have had the pleasure of partnering with the Digerati team on all of my events over the past five plus years. On every single instance they have delivered, and Wow! Whether I talk of their extensive array of top notch equipment, their excellent customer service always underlined with smiling faces, their technical expertise and lightning fast problem solving skills, or even their vast networks that ensure they get the job done, no matter what city, you can only truly understand the Digerati experience by witnessing their services firsthand. They are always prompt, always willing, and always offering expert advice while ensuring they keep within your budget. I see Digerati as an extension of my own onsite team; I know I can leave them to get the job done perfectly without checking on them repeatedly. As the person responsible for an event, having that sort of trust in my AV team makes my job a whole lot easier. I highly recommend the services of team Digerati to anyone considering them."
Jyotika Gahlaut
Executive Platforms

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